Content Marketing
The Importance of Content Marketing for your Ecommerce

Content Marketing is a strategy that focuses on the production and distribution of relevant content. Its function is to attract and retain an audience, in order to convert them into customers. Content Marketing is important for an online store for two major reasons: client retention and attraction.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

There are a number of benefits associated with Email Marketing, such as its reduced initial investment and its fast results. So, being this a crucial tool for an online business, we decided to talk about the different types of campaigns you can do based on your goals and some tips.

Benefits Email Marketing
The 6 Benefits of Email Marketing for your Online Store

In a world connected to the Internet, Digital Marketing is something impossible to ignore. That’s why we decided to address one of the most important tools in Digital Marketing: Email Marketing. In particular, what it is, its importance to an eCommerce and its 6 major benefits.

Starting and running an online store

Online shopping is booming! Blogs and Newspapers are full of online shopping businesses. Physical retail stores are often struggling or have disappeared already. On the other hand, the number of web shops continues to grow, as well as the total turnover.