eCommerce Day: CTT study reveals that the eCommerce reaches 4,2 billion euros in Portugal

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On November 9th, Shiptimize was present at CTT eCommerce Day, the event that brought together eCommerce specialists in the Portuguese market to discuss the theme of Marketplaces in Portugal. During the occasion, Alberto Pimenta, CTT’s Director of eCommerce, announced the new partnerships to continue in front of the evolution of eCommerce in Portugal, where our partnership was included and also presented a study on eCommerce in Portugal.

This study reveals that the eCommerce market in Portugal reaches a value of 4.145 million euros, an increase of 12,5% ​​from 2016 to 2017. Currently, four out of ten Portuguese buy online.

This market survey of 740 online consumers, 110 online retailers and nine distribution operators reports that the Portuguese average 15,2 purchases per year, spending an average of € 51,5 per purchase, which leads to €609,6 spent per year, an increase of 13% over 2017.

When questioned about why online shopping, seven out of ten consumers said it was a question of the price of online products, with the ease of buying online, the ability to buy at any time and the fact that there are only deals online being the following reasons.

The most purchased categories by consumers are clothing and footwear, electronic and computer equipment, books and films, and travel and stays. Online shoppers do not choose any specific day or time to buy, however you can notice a tendency to shop over the weekend in the afternoon or evening.

Although purchases made by smartphones continue to gain weight in eCommerce, the portable computer continues to be the preferred means of purchase for seven out of ten consumers, and the average purchase value is also higher on a portable PC.

Among the major difficulties in buying online, delivery costs, uncertainty about the return policy and the need to register on the websites are the reasons most presented by the Portuguese.

Shipping & Returns

Regarding deliveries, eight out of ten online shoppers value a guarantee policy in the event of loss or damage, a reduced delivery price and deadlines compliance, with the handling of complaints, the existence of a second attempt to deliver and the sms delivery time notice also being factors greatly appreciated by seven out of ten buyers.

The predictability of the time and day of a delivery remains the greatest difficulty for an online buyer.

Regarding returns, despite the fact that returns make up 4% of the day-to-day of an eCommerce, and 40% of online shoppers have already made an exchange or return, this should not be seen as a negative factor for online stores. Returns can positively influence a purchase because the consumer values ​​the offer of free return, the fact that it can return the items without need of justification and the possibility to return at the time of delivery.

The main difficulties that consumers feel in relation to returns are the need to travel to a specific place to make a return, the fact that it is necessary to pay to return and also the fact that they do not find information about the return policy on the website of an online store.

Future Perspectives

With this market study by CTT, it is possible to conclude that eCommerce will continue to grow, all due to the convenience and ease of purchase, the good prices practiced online and a good shopping experience.

About 50% of consumers online predict to increase the number of products purchased online and 40% predict to spend more as well as expand the number of categories in which they buy.

From a business perspective, eCommerce will also continue to grow. Seven in ten stores anticipate increasing their orders by 30% within 12 months, with 10% of online stores expanding their online presence to other countries.

ECommerce will continue to grow in Portugal because, for large retailers, this is a strategic way to capture new customer segments. For small and medium businesses, eCommerce remains one of the best ways to get started and save money.


See the complete CTT eCommerce Report here.

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