How does
it work?

One shipping portal. Easily connected to your webshop. Multiple carriers for shipments and return shipments. Sharp shipping rates and support with status inquiries and claim handling.

That’s the power of Shiptimize.
This is the way we help many shop owners saving time and shipping costs!

Each carrier has unique characteristics and qualities. The most suitable carrier for a national shipment is not necessarily the best carrier for your international shipments.

Have you ever considered the amount of time and energy getting lost copying addresses from your webshop manually to create shipping labels? How many times does it go wrong? A waste of time, but luckily this can be done differently!

Statistically somewhere between 10% and 30% of all orders will be returned by your customer. That is the harsh reality of ecommerce. Processing this return flow, both financially as well as logistically, is difficult and time consuming.

Our support team deals with all your logistic related questions and issues fast, accurate and in a personal way. If something goes wrong with a shipment we deal with it all the way. From status inquiries to claim handling,

Would you like to save time & money on Shipping too?