Shiptimize launches Podcast.

Posted by Catarina Fonseca

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Today, Shiptimize is on several channels. In addition to the posts we produce here for the blog, we share several content on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, we are always on the lookout for new ways to expand the conversations on the topics for which we are passionate about like eCommerce, Startup culture and entrepreneurship. All of this in a content format new to us and increasingly relevant.

And as you can guess from the title, this format is that of a podcast, the “Shiptimize On The Record”. Now, in addition to being able to read us, you can hear us too!

The project starts with three types of content. First of all we have the reason why all this started. “Experts On” is a series of interviews in which specialists in the field of eCommerce and Marketing share their experience and knowledge in their area of expertise. Through these interviews you can learn concrete examples of what starting companies can learn from a more developed company and what are the biggest mistakes an online business can make, among other important issues.

Next, we have our weekly marketing talks, “Marketing Weekly”, in which our CEO Mark, our Marketing Manager Melissa and our Content Creator Catarina will discuss the ongoing projects in Marketing and discuss new ways to optimize these same projects.

And if you want to take a look inside Shiptimize, we also recorded conversations with all of Shiptimize’s members. “This is Shiptimize” lets you know all about our team, both professionally and personally.

And this just the beginning! With this new content format the sky is the limit, so expect the unexpected! More news will come soon, but we are always open to requests and suggestions.

For now you can expect two new episodes every week. On Mondays we launch our marketing talks on “Marketing Weekly” and on Thursdays we host a new interview with an “Experts On” expert.

And you can hear all this on some of the most popular podcast platforms.

And if you can’t find your platform of preference don’t worry – we will expand to new platforms very soon.

So listen and give us your feedback, we also want hear from you.

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