Like rollercoaster riding?
Them buckle up ‘cause you may be in for quite a ride.

Shiptimize is a fast growing and funded startup that helps eCommerce businesses grow by optimizing a major part of their logistics process. We do that by automating how stores print shipping labels and send track&trace emails, by gathering all shipping information in one single, easy to use platform and by offering a top-notch customer service.

All that in three different countries (and counting) through the wonders of technology with a very much appreciated human touch.

Are you a success driven person, with can-do attitude and a get sh*t done mentality? Then, hop on!

Open Positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Inside Sales Lisbon/Remote Sales 05/12/2018
Back-end Developers Lisbon/Remote IT 05/12/2018
Marketing Data Analyst Lisbon/Remote Marketing 05/12/2018
Customer & Sales Support Lisbon/Remote Sales 05/12/2018

Want to have an idea on how is working in Shiptimize?
We’ll let our team members do the talking:


“Every day is a challenge. Besides your main responsibilities, we are always looking how to improve and how to grow. Every opinion, as crazy at it might be, is appreciated and taken into account”
Petra van Marwijk

“A dynamic company with room to grow and develop, a place where your personal strengths matter and get the best out of you, no nonsense attitude, Work Hard Play Hard!”
Luuk Muller

“We’re building the future on the intersection of eCommerce and logistics. That’s it!”
Martin Boer

“Shiptimize is a place where I can fail, learn, adapt and improve in a fast pace. This is a place where people are considered people and not numbers”
Catarina Fonseca

“I would trade, without a blink, any big corporation for this startup. The one that believes in you, and gives you enough space to grow on a personal and professional level”
Luis Sousa

“The CEO’s vision on where to take the company towards to and how to care about their employees are by far the biggest motivators for me to be part of the team”
Bruno Rosa

“At Shiptimize I’m able to play an important role in building something from a starting point and have full ownership in what I do”
Melissa Pio

“Shiptimize it is one of a kind in the Portuguese market. It’s clear to me that these are the people I wanted to team up with, and the project I’d like to fight for. I get it wrong a lot of times. Not this time though, it is a pleasure to work in Shiptimize.”
João Santos Pereira