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In this guide we will show you step by step how you can create and manage your shipments on our platform.

Plugins Installation

We have created for you, installation guides to get you started using the Shiptimize plugin in your online shop quickly and easily. Click the button below and select the plugin for your shop to access the manual.

Step-by-step guide

For security reasons we would like to recommend that you change your password. You can do this after logging into your Client Area, under the tab “Settings” and then “System”.

If you need help with your first shipments or any other situation please do not hesitate to contact us by email: support@shiptimize.me or by phone on +351 308 803 802.

What can you find in your client area of our platform?

After logging in, you will find 5 tabs on the left side of your screen: Submissions, Statistics*, Support, Settings, Logout

When you click on Shipping, you will have 2 sections, “Create” where you can create your shipments and “Status” where you can manage them. Here you can also create the labels for your shipments and find all the information about them.

*Depending on your profile you will have access to statistics of your shipments (information of shipments per month and country).

Within the Shipping Section, you have access to create a manual shipment and upload a CSV file.

After creating a manual shipment, the system will automatically redirect you to the Shipping Status, in this case “Not sent” if you click on “Save and Generate Shipment”. If you need to create more than one shipment, you must choose the option “Create new shipment”. All the shipments created this way are available in the “Not Shipped” state.

In the “Status” tab you can find all the shipments you have created manually or exported using one of our plugins and here you can create and print your shipment labels and collection manifest.

If you need to, in this tab you can modify your shipments such as change addresses, carrier and/or services. To do this, simply click on the shipment and after making the necessary changes, save the changes.

We have included a preview mode of the shipment so that you can see all its details. Simply click on the arrow pointing down and you will have access to the details of the shipment. If you want to make changes to it, simply click on the screen and you will access the edit mode.

Once the labels are created and printed your shipments automatically move to the “Shipped” section. When printing the shipping labels, your shipments are declared to the carrier and collection is scheduled if requested so if you still need to make changes to the shipment you should contact our support as soon as possible.

Labels will appear in a “Pop-up” window so you must allow them in your browser. If you prefer, you can retrieve your labels by clicking on the word “here” in the following sentence that appears at the top of the white area of our platform:

“A separate browser window has been opened for your labels. If you do not see it, please click here to retrieve your label.” 

Your Tracking Code can be found in the column indicating the carrier and the Tracking Id (If you click on it you will be redirected to the carrier’s page).

Your shipments are currently divided into 3 statuses, Not Sent, Sent and Delivered. Simply click on the sections and check the status of your shipment. We have included additional information if you hover over the columns which indicates the possible status of your shipment.


In the “Shipped” tab you will find all your shipments whose labels have already been printed and have not yet been collected by the carrier or which are in transit and have not yet been delivered to your customers. Here you can find the tracking codes of the various shipments as well as access the tracking link of the carrier.

By clicking on each shipment, you can access the “Status History” where you can find the date and time of collection and also the whole chronological history of the shipment. Or preview using the down arrow to quickly access your shipment history.

If the order is delivered, the shipment will automatically move from the “Sent” tab to the “Delivered” tab.

In the “Settings” section you can change the settings of your customer area according to your wishes and download plugins. On this screen there are 3 sections: General, Shipping and Track&Trace

On the “Account” tab you can change your language settings, change your password and validate your account information.


In the “Shipping Defaults” tab you can save some of the default settings for your shipments, as well as indicate the default country and carrier.

For example, if you always want to schedule collection for your shipments, always define the level of service for each of the carriers or if you always want to send your orders with extra insurance you should access “Carrier Options” and modify them according to your needs.

Whenever you make a new shipment, the pre-selected options will be selected automatically.

Regardless of whether automatic selection of some features of your shipments occurs, you can always change them for individual shipments after or during Shipment creation.

In the tab “Integrations” you will have access to all integrations available by Shiptimize, the details of your integration and the key management and creation.

In “All Integrations” you can download the installation manuals of the various plugins available. Please check the manual of the respective plugin for more precise indications of installation and configuration of your plugin.

Under “Integration Details”, you can configure which information about your shipments will be sent to your Webshop, such as the status update when the shipments are picked up or delivered, as well as the tracking code.

Before integrating your shop with our plugins, please read carefully the respective manual which you can find on the following link.

In the “Track&Trace” tab you can customize the informative email of the tracking code sent automatically to your customers. You can also customize at which moments this email is sent: When you print the label, i.e. when the shipment is declared at the carrier or when the carrier collects the shipment. You can choose to receive this email also in Bcc.

We have added a draft of this email in English to your client area so that the system is complete and ready to use.

For domestic shipments you can choose the carriers associated with your contract.

If any of these carriers is not activated in your customer area and you wish to use this carrier, please notify us by email to support@shiptimize.me.

How to create a domestic shipment?

Click on the “Shipments” section on the left hand side of the screen and then choose the “Manual” tab. The fields you see in the image above on the right hand side will now appear.
On the top right you will find your company name. In case you have more than one company or usual collection address you can choose here which one you want.
On the right hand side, on the tab “Carrier” you can choose the carrier company you wish to use as well as the service you require.

If you wish order collection to occur, please check that the “Pickup Service” option is selected. To check for collection you must click on the box “Pickup Service”. If this box is not checked the collection will not occur.

In the “Extra Options” tab you can select extra delivery options like recipient signature on delivery or insurance For shipments whose sender is not one of your predefined addresses you can use the extra options “collect and return” (collect to one address and deliver to your address) and “collect and send” (collect to one address and deliver to another one different from your address) existing in this tab. The “Colli” tab allows you to select the number of packages to send in the shipment. Some carriers do not have this possibility.

Then you just need to fill in the fields regarding the “Recipient Address”.

  1. Order Number: Here you need to fill in your order number which can be a maximum of 20 letters and numbers. This number must be unique for each shipment
  2. Name: Fill in the first and last name of the consignee or the company name if the consignee is a company
  3. Country: PRT (ISO Code) or just type the name of the country
  4. Zip code: Fill in the recipient’s postal code. If the format is different or contains non-numeric characters it will cause an error preventing the label from printing.
  5. House Number: Fill only with the addressee’s number. Only numeric characters are allowed in this field. Non numeric characters like letters and other symbols will cause an error.
  6. Extension: Fill in the additional information to the number. This field is not mandatory. Here you can use non-numeric characters like letters and symbols.
  7. Street: Fill in the addressee’s street name without the house number.
  8. City: Fill in the name of the addressee’s postal town.
  9. Telephone : Fill in the recipient’s telephone number. If you do not know the recipient’s telephone number, you must fill in your telephone number as it is this number that the carrier will use to inform you if there is any problem with the delivery.
  10. Email Address: Fill in the recipient’s e-mail address. This email will be used to send the information regarding the tracking code and contact by the carrier.
    Example: If the destination address is “45a Loja D”, you must fill in the Door Number “45” and in the Extension “a Loja D”; If the number is “31-35” in the Door Number tab you must fill in “31” and in the Extension “35”.
    After all the above fields are filled in, you can click on the “Save & Create new” button if there are more shipments to be created or click on the “Create Shipment” button if you want to print the shipping labels. Even if you click on “Create Shipment” you can always create new dispatches afterwards.



In the section “Recipient Information” you will find an extra field in some carriers called “Province” that corresponds to the state or region of the country. It should be filled in with the corresponding ISO acronym and only when it is requested (e.g. CA for California, USA) 

If any of the carriers is not activated in your client area and you wish to use this carrier, please communicate this to us by email to support@shiptimize.me.

Some of these carriers have different services depending on the transit time of the shipments.

To create a manual shipment from Portugal to Europe, you must follow the same steps previously mentioned in the creation of manual domestic shipments. The only difference is the field “Country”. You must fill this field with the name of the destination country.

If some of the carriers are not activated in your customer area and you wish to use that carrier, please communicate this to us by email to support@shiptimize.me.

To manually create an international shipment you must follow the same steps mentioned above for the creation of manual domestic shipments. The only differences are in the field “Country” that you must fill in with the name of the destination country, as well as the fields in the section “Customs information”.

When you fill the field “Country” with the name of a country outside the European Economic Area, automatically appear the extra fields corresponding to the “Customs information” that are mandatory.

In the section “Customs Information” you will find the following fields:

  • Description: You must indicate briefly what you are sending
  • Price: You must indicate the declared value of the shipment
  • Type: You must choose between the options indicated the one that best fits the nature of your shipment
  • HS Code: You must fill in the code of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System corresponding to your shipment. It must contain 6 characters with the conformation 0000.00.00.


The information included in the “Customs Information” section will allow our system to automatically generate the CN22 documentation that you will need to affix to your order. Thus, when you click on the “print label” button, two documents will be printed:

  • The shipping label;
  • The CN22 documentation.

In addition to the above documentation, you must complete the declaration of conformity document and attach it to the other documents.

Our platform allows you to create return shipments as well as shipments whose collection and recipient addresses differ from your address. After selecting the desired carrier, you will find the “extra options” tab where you can choose the “Pick and return” or “Pick and send” option.

If any of these options are not available with any of the carriers in your customer area and you wish to use that carrier, please let us know by email to support@shiptimize.me.

The first option, “Pick and return”, is for creating return items, i.e. items sent to an address other than your address and whose recipient is your address, so only the fields referring to the sender’s information will appear. You can use this service for both national and international returns.

The extra option “Pick and send” allows you to create dispatches from an address different from yours and whose recipient is a third-party address. This way, when you select this option, the fields corresponding to the sender and recipient information will appear.

Depending on the carrier, you can send items between foreign countries and Portugal, between two foreign countries or between two addresses in Portugal.

When you select this type of shipping, the pickup is always marked and in most carriers, the courier will be the holder of the shipping label.

Shiptimize invoices the various shipments made through the various carriers each month in a single invoice.

As Shiptimize’s invoicing is based on the invoicing of the various carriers, and as the invoicing cycle of the various carriers is not always the same, it may occur that shipments made towards the end of each month are only invoiced in the next invoicing period.

The value of the shipment invoiced by Shiptimize is based on the weight and dimensions audited by the carriers. This data is automatically checked by instruments calibrated by the competent authorities in order to avoid errors. However, if you have indicated a value of weight or dimensions greater than the real ones when creating the shipment, these values will be used at the time of invoicing.

Shiptimize will also invoice you for any extra charges applied by the various carriers for the shipments made, according to the proposal submitted to you.

In the event of a one-off quotation being requested from Shiptimize, the quotation will only be honoured if the shipping situations are the same as those indicated at the time of quotation (description of contents, weight, measurements and destination)

Shiptimize invoices must be paid by bank transfer within the deadline indicated on each invoice. Please find below the IBAN of the Shiptimize account you can use to make your payments.

IBAN: PT50001000005546253000166

If you have a question regarding a shipment you should use the Support menu on the home bar.

Here you can fill in a form with your questions and tell us how we can help you.

If a question arises related to a shipment you must enter the shipment in question. To do this you should click on the section “Status” and then on the tab “In Transit”. Here you must select the shipment in question and open it. Going to the bottom of the page you will find the Support options.

You should click on the option that best matches your query and fill in the form with your question. Our customer service assistants will automatically receive all the necessary information to help you.

If you have a question or a suggestion, you can always contact us via e-mail support@shiptimize.me.

All questions received by 16h00 will be answered the same day. Questions received after 16h00 will be answered on the following working day at the latest.
For urgent questions, you can contact us by phone on +351 308 803 802 on working days between 10h00 and 12h00 and between 15h00 and 17h00.

Our customer service is closed on weekends and public holidays.

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