Shipping can be

Digital delivery management solution for online stores.
Choose from multiple-carriers and save time and money on your shipping.

Ship faster and cheaper

with these three key improvements to your shipping process.

Save time with automation

Optimize your deliveries by automating some of the most time consuming parts of the process.

Aggregation makes your life easier

Gather different options and possibilities in one simple online platform.

Get a first-class assistance

Count on our first-class customer service to help you deal with all shipping related matters.


Work with multiple Carriers

Each carrier has unique characteristics and qualities. 

The most suitable carrier for a national shipment is not necessarily the best carrier for your international shipments. 

We have partnerships with multiple carriers, so you can have the best of each, without the need of having contracts with all of them. 

And we also have negotiated better shipping rates for you.

Connect with the most common platforms

If you’re wondering how we manage to aggregate so much information in our platform, the answer is: Integration. We have plugins and apps that allow integration with the most common eCommerce platforms. 

The installation is quick and easy.


Save time by automating some of the most important parts of shipping.

Multiple Carriers

Finding the best carrier for your parcels can be hard. Especially if you sell different types of products or ship to foreign countries. That’s because each carrier has its own characteristics and strengths


The days of copying & pasting your customers information are over. So are the chances of making typos or other human errors that can cause a lot of headaches.

Track&Trace Emails

Sending emails letting your customers know where their purchases are is a great way to keep them informed and a lot less anxious.

Global Returns

No one wants their parcels to be returned by the customer. But it happens, you know? That builds trust in your store and increases the probabilities of turning a one-time customer into a long-term client.

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