Ecommerce Connectivity for CEP's

Shiptimize’s tested and reliable technology empowers you to effortlessly expand and manage your in-brand e-commerce connectivity, freeing you from the burden of in-house development or navigating multiple agencies, all while preserving your unique brand identity.

Who is Shiptimize?

Shiptimize has been building Ecommerce connectivity since 2012.

Thousands of online shops have used our integrations to offer shipping options in their checkouts, save time processing shipping labels as well as updating tracking and order statusses back to the shops.

All of our online shop customers have provided valuable feedback over the years, allowing us to continue to improve our connectivity and build best-in-class Ecommerce integrations.

Why chose Shiptimize as your E-commerce integrator

Ensure a seamless integration between online sales channels and your shipping service by leveraging our expertise and mitigate the risks associated with launching new integrations. Our proven product offers a reliable and tested solution that has demonstrated success with multiple national and international carrier, express and parcel companies.

Shiptimize provides clear and detailed cost breakdowns, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the financials throughout the entire project. Whether it’s the initial development phase or the subsequent maintenance and updates, we believe in complete transparency. This allows you to make informed decisions and effectively manage your budgets.

With Shiptimize expertise in ecommerce integrations we ensure efficient processes and while complying to industry standards. Our specialized development teams accelerate development timelines and facilitate easier plugin maintenance and scalability.

Shiptimize has been a leading specialist in ecommerce integrations for over a decade. With our extensive expertise, we have successfully developed a wide ran​ge of integrations, including open source, closed source, and various marketplace integrations… Our dedicated teams have extensive experience in this field, allowing you to benefit from our high-quality and tailored integrations for ecommerce businesses.

Concentrate on your core business activities instead of spending valuable time and effort on building and maintaining integrations that are not the core of your company. Partnering with Shiptimize allows your in-house teams to focus on what they do best: developing and improving your core products and services.

By working with a single development partner, you can eliminate the complexities of coordinating and managing multiple stakeholders. This allows for clearer communication, improved efficiency, and reduced risks of misalignment or conflicting priorities
Focus on on your core objectives and achieve more successful and consistent business development outcomes.

Why go for 
E-commerce integrations?

As the need for speed and efficiency continues to rise, Courier, Express, and Parcel businesses are finding that integrations have become an essential requirement to unlock the potential of E-commerce.
Shiptimize E-commerce integrations helps CEP to:

Integrating with popular e-commerce platforms allows you to showcase your services and capabilities to a wider audience. Gain visibility and attract new customers, expand your reach beyond your traditional customer base and access new markets.

Each integration gives you access to a vast network of online retailers and marketplace sellers. Use the E-commerce platforms Apps Stores to promote your services, by leveraging the marketing capabilities of e-commerce platforms, you can bring your services to a wider audience and attract potential clients who are actively looking for reliable shipping partners.
By offering a smooth, integrated experience, you can differentiate from competition and attract more business. Provide a seamless experience,  enhance customer satisfaction and build a positive reputation, this helps in attracting new customers and expanding market reach.

Looking for a different integration?

Drop us a line, maybe the integration that you want is already being developed.

Our Solutions

Alright, did we trigger an initial interest? 

Let’s take a look at our three solutions to provide you with E-commerce Connectivity.

White Label Shipping Platform & Connectivity

Do you prefer a turnkey solution where Shiptimize provides both an in-brand Shipping Platform and E-commerce Connectivity?

With this solution you can hit the ground running and offer your clients a feature rich in-brand shipping platform in combination with integrations to the most-used E-commerce platforms and marketplaces in no time.

With the Rule Book, online stores can:

  • Automate shipping decisions, saving time and increasing efficiency;
  • Optimize processes effortlessly by creating custom shipping rules to provide customers the best shipping options;
  • Automate shipping decisions, saving time and maximizing revenue potential;

Say goodbye to generic tracking notifications that may confuse or frustrate customers. With Shiptimize, E-commerce shops can provide personalised tracking updates in multiple languages, ensuring clear and seamless communication with a global customer base.

CEP can streamline customer support processes and ensure a seamless experience for their customers efficiently address customer concerns, provide status updates, and initiate resolution processes, all within a unified and organised support system.

Print labels by using a scanner without ever having to touch the computer.

Allows to seamlessly generate accurate and compliant customs documents, ensuring smooth and hassle-free shipments to destinations outside the EU.

At Shiptimize we continually advance our white label platform, aiming for the best-in-class offering for CEP and their clients. These developments are based on thorough market research and, importantly, invaluable inputs and feedback from our partners. Together, these efforts ensure Shiptimize remains a pioneering force in e-commerce logistics, empowering success for all involved.


White Label Shipping Micro Interface & Connectivity

You have your Shipping Platform fully functional and are happy with it, but want to extend your offer of E-commerce integrations and on top of that also leverage on Shiptimize platform features and business intelligence?

With the White label Micro-Interface + Connectors solution, you can easily upgrade your product with E-commerce integrations while keeping freedom in branding within the functional flow.

Ecommerce Connectivity is composed of some critical parts and with this solution you can leverage on our expertise while keeping them under your brand entity:


API Only Connectivity

You have your Shipping Platform in place and are satisfied with that, but want to extend your proposition with E-commerce Connectivity?

When using this solution you can easily upgrade your product with 
E-commerce integrations while keeping full flexibility and freedom on front-end screen design related to plugin installation, configuration and carrier service automation within your existing shipping platform.


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