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We’re looking to partner up with the best e-commerce service providers to help online stores optimize their shipping. If you’re currently working with an online store, our Partner Program can help you earn commissions and further expand your business.
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Helps online stores centralize all their shipping operations with several handy features, from a complete overview of imported orders to generating shipping labels.

We also help lower shipping costs by giving them access to multiple carriers at previously negotiated rates.

Lastly, we provide first-class customer support to all our stores, so they can just focus on growing their business.

Our Partner Program

Lets e-commerce professionals earn commissions and promote their services for introducing Shiptimize to online stores they work with. Here are the benefits you get from joining our program:

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per shipment

You will collect a commission per shipment from the store you recommend, the more the merrier.

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we will be adding you to our featured partners so that every time a user visits our partner page they can easily find you, which in turn will greatly increase your brand awareness. You will also be occasionally featured on our newsletter.

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