Picture this: you’re hungry and decide to go out for lunch. 

Do you stop in one place to buy the food, then in another one to grab a juice and in a third one to pick up some dessert? 

That sounds inefficient, right? The same goes for your shipping.

Shiptimize aggregates different information and features in one single, easy to use platform.


Multiple Carriers

Finding the best carrier for your parcels can be hard.

Especially if you sell different types of products or ship to foreign countries. That’s because each carrier has its own characteristics and strengths.

In our platform you have the freedom to choose amongst multiple carriers so you can have the best of each. No contracts needed. And, because we have a larger number of parcels by combining all our clients’ shipments, we can get better deals than the ones you would find at the counter.


Shipping Record

Keeping track of your shipments is something very important for your business. 

It’s the only way for you to analyze how good the delivery is for your customer’s experience. And make no mistake: most online shoppers will hold the store responsible for any problem with the delivery of their products. 

Our platform gives you a full vision of your past and current shipments so you can keep track of what happened with each parcel and take action on it, if needed. 


Different Channels and Users

It’s very common to have multiple selling channels.

And also to have more than one person dealing with shipping. And that’s why you can access your different selling channels from one single user login, as well as create multiple user logins to the same store. 

It’s unlimited and with no added fees.


Plugins & Apps

If you’re wondering how we manage to aggregate so much information in our all-in-one platform, the answer is: integration. We have plugins and apps that allow integration with the most common eCommerce platforms. 

The installation is quick and easy.

Our Integrations

Looking for a different integration?

We at Shiptimize, love to hear from our clients.

Drop us a line, maybe the integration that you want is already being developed.