Our story

Not so long ago there was this Dutch guy that decided to sell specialised sport fishing equipment online. He opened an eCommerce and, before he knew it, things were going global. 

Exciting, right?
Well, not so much.

Soon enough he realized he was spending more time dealing with the shipping process and logistics than with the business itself. 

Shipping should be easy

Our user-friendly shipping software makes ecommerce’s of any size, as well as retail and wholesale-businesses save time and money in their delivery process.


But how?

We do that by integrating with the most common eCommerce platforms, and making the most time-consuming parts of the process automated. 
And, since we combine a larger number of parcels than each store would by itself, we get a better rate for our customers. 

Meet the team

That Dutch guy is Mark Bastiaanssen together with Jorn Spiertz
and that’s how Shiptimize was born.

Mark Bastiaanssen

CEO & Co-Founder

Jorn Spiertz

COO & Co-Founder

Want to see it in action?

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