We are Shiptimize!

It all started with Mark Bastiaanssen his experience running a webshop. He was selling specialized sportfishing equipment globally. The number of shipments increased as did the time spent on shipping. Instead of selling he spent the majority of his time dealing with logistics. There must be a better way? Unfortunately not. It wasn’t only Mark encountering these issues, most webshops have to deal with these problems. The scale of these issue deserved to be addressed and soon Shiptimize was founded with the goal to help webshops in their logistics.

Now, a couple of years later, our team helps many ecommerce-, retail- and wholesalebusinesses to safe time and money in their shipping processes. With our userfriendly shipping software (that Mark would have loved to use running his webshop) you can ship flexibly with multiple carrier at sharp shippingrates. In many occasions we even offer free turn-key integration in with your webshop!

Shiptimize believes in flexibility and freedom of choice. We don’t do long term contracts, we don’t apply minimum shipping quota. Your welcome, regardless your number of shipments. To us freedom and flexibility implies freedom and flexibility for your shipments, but also for you. We believe in our services and as long as we before our customer will be happy to stay with us for a long time.


We’re proud to provide our customer simple, cost efficient and hassle-free shipping on a daily basis. And that is what  you can expect of us as well.

Want to save money and time on shipping?