Statistically somewhere between 10% and 30% of all orders will be returned by your customer. That is the harsh reality of ecommerce. Processing this return flow, both financially as well as logistically, is difficult and time consuming.

Still It is essential to structure and facilitate these return processes. Consumers love to shop online with peace of mind. This consumer trust can partially be created by offering easy and convenient return options in case a purchase wasn’t what the customer expected. Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase from a webshop if proper return possibilities are offered. The same holds for likelyhood to turn a customer into a returning customer.

Offer Convenience and Trust
to your Customers

We have developed a service that enables your customer to drop of returns at the local post office from 19 European countries with or without charge, that’s up to you. Shiptimize ensures the shipment will be returned to you via our network of international partners.

This is how Shiptimize takes away one of the most important boundaries to take your webshop international.

We advice and you choose what best fits your and your customers’ needs.